Preamble to the championship for rugby league

Two weeks before the start of the French championship, the ten elite 1 teams, requested by the federation, met in Toulouges (66) to contest an IX tournament. The pool matches involving five teams each, 2 x 7’30, saw Avignon, Albi, Saint-Estève and Limoux qualify for the semi-finals. Limoux won at Saint-Estève, in the final, 14 to 11.

The stated objectives for each of the clubs involved were to fine-tune the settings, confirm the work done during off-season training, and integrate rookies. Many of them have also given way to many juniors.

For Racing Saint-Gaudinois, a first victory against Limoux foreshadowed a better overall performance. Melvin Quiroga and Kylian Bernoville particularly stood out. Then the Commingeois fished, singularly lacking in mentality against Saint-Estève, against Lézignan, then against Pia. “We lost because we did not respect our game plan, loose coach Mitch Garbutt. We lacked head, we lacked races, aggressiveness. We did not know how to defend on our line. We slacked off. I hope we learn the lesson. Seeing that the players are unhappy to have lost is already having a good attitude.”

Saint-Gaudens – Limoux: 19 – 6, m/t 7-0, trials Quiroga, Bernoville, Garbutt/ Saint-Gaudens – Saint Estève: 11- 28, mt /4-7, trials Bernoville and Arréou/ Saint Gaudens – Lézignan : 13 – 14, mt 0-10, trials Blasi and Arréou/ Saint-Gaudens Pia: 13-17, m/t 7-4, trials Bernoville and Quiroga

Racing Saint-Gaudens composition: Celerino, Arréou, Bernoville, Garbutt, Tabu, Quiroga, Sentenac, Lucas, Talazac, Gaspin, Hermisilla, Multignier Montsarrat, Blasi

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