PSG: damning revelations about Diallo in the Hamraoui affair

A little more than ten months after the aggression suffered by Kheira Hamraoui, Aminata Diallo finds herself in an untenable position. Attempt to conspire against Paris Saint-Germain with an official agent, will harm his partner, Le Parisien has responded to new damning accusations against the former midfielder of the capital club.

The tau tightens around Diallo in the Hamraoui affair.

Aminata Diallo’s future darkens as the hours go by. Indicted and placed in custody following the attack on Kheira Hamraoui, which occurred on November 4, 2021, the former Paris Saint-Germain midfielder finds himself in a little more turmoil. On Tuesday, Le Parisien made damning revelations which clearly will not help the situation of the presumed culprit.

The obscure role of an influential agent at PSG

In an attempt to oust her teammate and great rival in club and selection, Diallo would have called on the services of a certain Csar M.. This man, influential within the club of the capital, is none other than the companion of Kadidiatou Diani and unofficially rigged the interests of Marie-Antoinette Katoto, both present in the Ile-de-France workforce and who did not hesitate to show their sorrows several times towards Hamraoui.

What would have been the role of this man? Discredit the former FC Barcelona player via a smear campaign, both with leaders and with his media outlets. The investigators managed to trace a phone call between Csar M. and the famous crow who made malicious anonymous calls from many Parisian players to undermine Hamraoui’s reputation a few days before the attack.

Pressure on Oll-Nicole and Deacon

In an attempt to oust the victim, extend Diallo’s contract and especially that of Katoto, which was an absolute priority for Parisian decision-makers, Csar M. allegedly threatened Ulrich Ram, then sports director of the women’s section, to reveal inappropriate gestures of the ex-coach, Didier Oll-Nicole, the press. There are still people who are aware… Many people including me would have launched the main interested party before the affair finally broke out.

In selection, Corinne Deacon preferred to rely on Hamraoui rather than Diallo before the Euro. A choice that put her second, including a conversation with Csar M. veiled by the daily. Dirty bitch! You think it’s a game you bastards? Apparently, we’re a bunch of Paris cads? A suburban gang? Corinne, don’t wonder, it’s planned! As soon as it’s extended at PSG, you’ll see her… would she have let go.

Mbapp’s mother uses

According to Le Parisien, Csar M. and Diallo felt untouchable because of their closeness to Kylian Mbapp’s mother, Fayza Lamari. She met the player for a documentary project with Zebra Valley, the production company of the Parisian striker. A conversation intercepted by investigators suggests that the mother of the Ile-de-France star could have intervened with the leaders of PSG for an extension of the player.

KM7’s mother has mentioned the subject of Aminata Diallo’s contract extension with the leaders of PSG, but in a very informal, disinterested way and always in the context of the documentary project specifies the regional daily, affirming that Fayza Lamari then distanced herself from Diallo. The documentary never saw the light of day. Just like the extension of the 27-year-old player, definitively thrown into oblivion.

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