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Arrived from Reims this summer, Hugo Ekitike plays very little with Paris Saint-Germain. Despite the positive statements of his coach, the young striker would not have an irreproachable attitude.

Ekitike plays little with PSG.

65 mins. This is Hugo Ekitike’s playing time in the Paris Saint-Germain jersey this season. Suffice to say that the 20-year-old striker has not yet had many opportunities to show himself since his arrival in the capital this summer.

It must be said that the former Rémois has to deal with a lot of competition in attack, Paris SG aligns Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé and Neymar. Just one. Logically, it is difficult for such a young player, however talented, to find a place in Christophe Galtier’s eleven with the presence of these three stars in the squad.

E. Rabesandratana – he’s more of a kid than a professional

Besides this tough competition, Ekitike would not have an irreproachable attitude, believing Eric Rabesandratana. He is young, but I find that in behavior, he does not correspond at all to what is expected of him as a young person, and especially as a player who should win at PSG over the years. a criticism of the former Parisian defender for France Bleu Paris, before giving a few examples to explain his thinking.

We need players who focus on the football and I’m not sure that talking every two seconds, doing the exercises halfway, because boredom and he prefers to play the matches, is enough. No, you have to show a perfect state of mind to be considered by the coach. For the moment, I find that he is not yet professional, he is more a kid than a professional. He must grow he concluded.

Galtier positive on Ekitike

Would Galtier’s choices regarding Ekitike be a behavioral problem? However, this is not the message sent this week by the Parisian coach. Hugo is a player with incredible potential. He discovered during 10 days the very high level his arrival. It took him several sessions to find his representatives in the game and to connect with the team’s offensive animation. I think he is progressing a lot. He is very good in sessions too said the technician at a press conference.

The PSG coach even reassured his player about his future playing time: I told him that the good times were going to come very quickly. He works a lot for the team, physically too. He is also working to strengthen himself technically. Very quickly, he will have a lot of playing time. The sequence of matches in October and November, before the World Cup, should indeed allow Ekitike to increase his playing time. Otherwise, his management risks raising many questions.

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