PSG: Figure of the QSI project, he lives an ordeal because of Galtier

Keylor Navas will make his World Cup debut this Wednesday against Spain. Within his selection, the doorman is an indisputable holder, which is not the case in his club. Since 2021, he has been relegated to a role of understudy. In recent hours, the goalkeeper has not hidden his discomfort, and sent a barely disguised tackle to Christophe Galtier.

Arrived in September 2019 at PSG, Keylor Navas quickly managed to achieve unanimity in the locker room. Based on its experience in Real Madrid, the Costa Rican goalkeeper had put an end to the debates on the identity of the number one goalkeeper. But everything was called into question when Gianluigi Donnarumma arrived in the summer of 2021. Despite his good performances, Navas was relegated to a back-up role last season and the arrival of Christophe Galtier did not settle his case.

Galtier had justified his decision

Contrary to Mauricio Pochettino, Christophe Galtier quickly established its hierarchy. ” Gigi is #1, Keylor is #2. Now that the transfer window is over, I do not forbid myself to think about whether Keylor should not, like any number two, play a few times. He needs to play, he needs benchmarks. The hierarchy is established and it stays that way “said the coach of the PSG last September. Result, Navas has not yet contested any official match this season, PSG. A difficult situation as he named it at Radio Brand the last days.

“It’s sad mentally”

More than a physical change, don’t play, it’s sad mentally. Obviously I don’t like being replaced, but you have to work. Many times life has met us in this situation. You have two options: work harder or die. Opportunities will come, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m quiet, I want to join the group » had declared Navas. This Tuesday, he gave it a layer, not hesitating to tackle Christophe Galtier.

“If I don’t play, it’s because someone doesn’t want me to play”

When you get to a place where people respect you, where people have affection for you, where people expect you to give your best version to help them, mentally that helps us a lot to get it right. If I don’t play at my club, it’s not because of a low level, it’s because someone doesn’t want me to play and that’s it.” named the doorman at the microphone ofEl País. The world Cup looks like a breath of fresh air to him. It should start facing theSpain this Wednesday.

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