PSG: Hamraoui back

Emmanuel LANGELLIER, Media365, published on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 10:29 p.m.

Dismissed for several weeks, Kheira Hamraoui will be made available to the PSG coach and return to collective training in the coming days.

Finally good news for Kheira Hamraoui. Occurring almost a year ago, the case that bears the name of the French midfielder continues to rebound from day to day, with ever more sensational and scabrous revelations (indicted and suspected of having organized the assault on her partner, Aminata Diallo was imprisoned on Friday), but on the menu, this time it is positive information. Victim of a terrible attack on November 4, 2021, Hamraoui has not played any meeting with PSG since April and has been training away from the Parisian group since the resumption of the season.

Deprived of a match since April and of training since the resumption

The 32-year-old international midfielder will be able to find her partners soon since she will be “made available” by her coach Gérard Prêcheur in the coming days according to L’Equipe and RMC Sport. Still under contract for a year until June 2023, Kheira Hamraoui did not wish to leave the club and wants to honor his lease until the end so the women’s summer transfer window ends on Tuesday. She will therefore return to collective training. The player with thick blonde hair had not played since an altercation in training with her teammate Sandy Baltimore. And since returning to business this summer, six weeks, Hamraoui has been training on his side with a physical trainer appointed by Paris-SG.

PSG not disturbed by the case according to the PSG coach

The player with 39 caps with Les Bleues (3 goals) had her dismissal noted by a bailiff during training in early September. Before the second round of the Champions League play-offs against BK Häcken, Gérard Prêcheur explained that the Hamraoui-Diallo affair did not disturb the Parisian group: “We did not discuss it. If it bothers us? No. (…) With the new organization of the club, the new sports management, the new staff and the new players, one could almost say that we have succeeded in creating a bubble, an environment favorable to performance, disregarding the various cases from the past. ” ” Kheira Hamraoui is very satisfied to return to the collective. Her only wish has always been to find her teammates and the PSG lawn, ”said Me Julia Minkowski, lawyer for the player, to BFMTV on Tuesday evening.

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