PSG hits John Textor!

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The remarks made by John Textor in the columns of The Team on the PSG Academy does not pass at all in the capital. The new main shareholder of OL yesterday refused PSG’s way of making children believe that he would one day sign for the club via its network of football schools. “Paris came to Florida with this stupid program of PSG Academy, putting jerseys on everyone” he notably declared. The reigning French champion ended up answering him through Nadia Benmokhtar, the head of development of the PSG brand internationally. “Apparently, this gentleman does not know that the recruitment of minors abroad is prohibited by FIFA international regulations. And that promising young Americans who are under 18 to recruit them in Paris would be illegal”begins the leader in an interview granted to The Team this Tuesday.

According to her, the PSG Academy is not intended for former best players in the world but to allow children to emancipate themselves through football. “John Textor did not understand the very essence of the PSG Academy. It is above all a football school. Who can boast of having 162 centres, in 18 countries, capable of welcoming a total of 22,500 children who live their passion? It’s not about giving jerseys, having a license, but a real global training network, recognized as one of the best football schools! Paris Saint-Germain trains educators, who in turn pass on the values ​​of excellence, pleasure, fair play and enable the development of thousands of children. » Finally, Benmokhtar reminds that OL have the same functioning. “On a smaller scale, Olympique Lyonnais is trying to do something similar with its academies. I don’t think it’s a question in these Lyon academies, just like in that of PSG, of distributing jerseys. The new investor should know better what is happening beyond Florida. » 1-1, ball in the middle.

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