PSG – Neymar – Messi brilliant against Clermont (5-0): Like an air of MSN

If I learn from these great players? The fall !“. Hugo Ekitike could not sum up his situation better. Arrived this summer at PSG, the young striker was able to participate in the party this Saturday, on the lawn of Clermont (0-5), to realize that he had entered in another dimension. He was on the front line to witness the demonstration of a duo about which Paris is starting to dream again: Neymar – Messi. The two players were the two great men of the match but, more than that, they are for now, the two symbols of this PSG Galtier version.

If it was necessary to choose only one, it is Neymar who would have the favors of the jury. Because, like a diligent student, he strived to do everything well, with an accuracy very rarely seen on his part at PSG. The Brazilian reigned over the game with a view that we disappeared. His oriented controls, his simple but terribly effective choices, his moving deflections and his opening of the score full of coordination do not even say everything about the match he delivered to Gabriel-Montpied.

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Messi and Neymar feast, PSG is well launched



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3 assists for Neymar

Sharpened, he will have been at the base of the movements but also very often at the conclusion, thanks to this new, more central position in the animation of the PSG. On this spontaneous recovery first (1-0, 8th) but also in the pass, a great constant of his Barcelona years. On the goal of Hakimi, it is he who shifts the Moroccan launched like a TGV (2-0, 25th). On the goal of Marquinhos, his free kick love could not be wasted (3-0, 38th). And since he was in the mood for gifts, he did everything to allow his pal Messi to feast, like this offering on the first goal of the Argentinian (4-0, 86th). In short, it was great Neymar and therefore great Paris.

The Argentinian, he finished to the ovations of the Clermont public, after a double, the second of which but risks going around the world, with this sequence of chest control – returned with disconcerting ease (5-0, 86th) . For him too, the Galtier method seems to suit him much better. Last season, his incredible transfer and his lack of physical preparation had been obstacles to his integration. This time, we found a Messi full of life, unlike the amorphous one who dragged his sentence in France last year.

When Leo smiles, the team smiles too

More axial, more supported by pistons whose rises look more and more like what he knew in Barcelona, ​​Messi has found movements that make his signature. Above all, he found a Neymar finally in tune, just to reform this prolific duo within the MSN trio.

The first goal of the Pulga, while the match was folded, was a carbon copy of patterns glimpsed in Catalonia for years. Fun but deadly football for opponents. “We chatted with Leo during the Japan prep tour to make sure he performs all the timeadmitted Galtier at a press conference. He has a very sharp, very clear tactical sense. He quickly sees where he should put himself and how he should position himself to play with each other. He’s in an area he loves and when Leo smiles the team smiles too“.

Lionel Messi’s acrobatic return against Clermont

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But it is not this first quality that the PSG coach first underlined at the end of such a demonstration. “We have talents, it’s undeniable, but what I remember is the collective desire to want to recover the ball early, to be very intense, without letting summary on Canal +. They like to play with each other, they want to score goals, they defend together. Like Pablo Sarabia who gives a very good balance, Léo who is very lively in the reaction to the loss and Ney who made efforts in the replacement which allows the team to be very compact and to win. balloons in density“.

This invisible work, frankly limited to last season, allows for the time being in Paris to finally keep the promises made by its galactic match sheets. Saturday, it was Clermont who was the first victim of a list which is likely to lengthen if indeed Neymar and Messi continue on this rhythm. The worst for the following? There was still one participant missing from the party. “Integrating Mbappé into this collective will not be very difficult“, revealed Galtier. Has the hour of the MNM finally come?

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