PSG: Pochettino appoints those responsible for his failure

Less than a month after his dismissal, coach Mauricio Pochettino came out of silence to explain the causes of his failure at Paris Saint-Germain.

Mauricio Pochettino replaced by Christophe Galtier.

It is an understatement to say that Mauricio Pochettino’s speech was expected. Almost a month after his dismissal from Paris Saint-Germain, the Argentinian technician spoke at length on Monday during an interview with Infobae, a media outlet in his country.

As much to say it right away, those who expected frank self-criticism will be due… Indeed, Pochettino’s argument consisted in explaining that the failure in the round of 16 of the last Champions League against Real Madrid ( 1-0, 1-3) sealed his fate, which is obviously not wrong.

Pochettino did not dig for Real

The former Tottenham coach especially regrets the arbitration of Danny Makkelie, which would have changed everything during the return leg against the Merengue. I think Benzema’s foul on Donnarumma existed. If it had been reviewed by the VAR today we would be talking about something else, the elimination of Real Madridlaunched the South American, just to imply that he might still be in office.. It was a trigger that gave Real Madrid a lot of confidence. (…) I believe that there are circumstances in the football that happens. They happen and they cannot be controlled.

A title in L1 underestimate

In other words, Pochettino doesn’t necessarily feel responsible for the elimination. The 50-year-old man also believes that he has paid the price for the special demands of PSG, centers on the LdC and which would relegate to the background all the positive part of his balance sheet. I think that is very positive. (…) We won the Coupe de France, the Champions Trophy and Ligue 1 in a year and a half. But PSG’s project is to win the Champions League. Everything else can be peru as a failure. As the PSG project progresses, patience is less and less important. Expectations are higher, but there are circumstances to consider. The supporters do not give the credit it deserves to dominating the French championship or national competitions. (…) So I think it’s very underratedregretted the former defender, before starting a comparison with the situation of Pep Guardiola Manchester City.

The difference with Manchester City

City are knocked out against Madrid, with three goals in five minutes, but the following week they buy Hland and give the manager the chance to reinvent himself, look for solutions and win the English league. The projects are differentan argument from the native of Murphy. There is a Manchester City that trusts a manager in place for seven years and a PSG in which you have to arrive and win. But winning the Champions League, not Ligue 1. It’s different and I accept that. This is not a criticism. There is obviously some truth in what Pochettino says, but the Argentinian gives the impression of trying to avoid the real debate: his inability to improve his team for 18 months, especially in terms of level of play. A mystery that remains without answer for now…

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