Qatar 2022: Too late to boycott?

As the question of the boycott of the 2022 World Cup arises, and the idea is gaining ground, actor Roschdy Zem believes that it is too late to “take the spectator hostage”.

Should we boycott the World Cup in Qatar? Maybe you asked yourself the question, maybe you made a decision, or maybe you know one or more people, yet a football fan, who decided not to watch a single World Cup match.

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The idea is as follows: to make the authorities understand that the public is not ready to endorse everything that the idea of ​​a World Cup in a country that respects human rights and the fight against global warming so little is not acceptable. It was therefore necessary not to look at the competition, to lower the audiences, and therefore the income, so that Fifa takes into account certain criteria when the next awarding of the World Cups is made.

“We knew to whom we attributed the World Cup”

But for actor Roschdy Zem, it’s not up to the viewer to be deprived of their pleasure because of a decision made a long time ago. ” It’s too late “, did he demonstrate this week on the show It’s up to you. “There is a lot of talk about the boycott of the World Cup. It takes place in two months. The allocation, to organize the World Cup, was 10 or 12 years ago, explains the actor, who regrets that no one really reacted earlier. Neither the political authorities, nor the sporting authorities, nor the players, even you the media… Why take the spectator hostage today? »

On set, one of the journalists from France 5 retorted that, at the time of the award, it was difficult to imagine that there would be several thousand deaths on the World Cup sites. “We knew who we were giving the World Cup to, answers Roschdy Zem. We knew that there would be air-conditioned stadiums. We knew we would be looking for labor in Pakistan, and so on. We had all the elements. We know that there are a lot of shenanigans in the big bodies, Fifa, the IOC, etc. From the moment we make the decision, it is not up to the spectator (to boycott, editor’s note), and even at least to the players, who must be told not to go play. It was way ahead. »

Roschdy Zem has therefore made his choice. And defends the one made by the millions of viewers who will be in front of their screens in a few weeks. “I will look without concealing the social and ecological aberration, he confides. But for the average spectator that I am, whether the World Cup takes place in Qatar or Zimbabwe, what we love is football. We did not choose Qatar. What we want is the foot, and in addition it only takes place every four years. »

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