RCT Association: the values ​​of Toulon rugby.

Info83 receives Patrick Blachereco-responsible for the sports commission and Rémy Ober, head of the sponsorship commission. They come to tell us about the RCT Association, club news and future projects.

the RCT is the lung of the City of Toulon.

It is the Club of the Var and the South Region. the RCT is an institution in the Var and well beyond, in France and in Europe. It is rooted in a unique Mediterranean culture in French rugby. With a long and glorious history, the Rugby Club Toulonnais was built thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of generations, young and old, of players, managers, supporters and partners. All have shaped this rich identity, full of strong and accepted values.
We can note the fight, solidarity and respect, inscribed black on white on the Charter of Values ​​of the RCT. Shared by all, they are a guide with which everyone must identify and recognize themselves.

M Blachere and M. Ober are among the many players in the territory who convey its values ​​and strive to give a serene positive future through the RCT Association. They return, together, to events and important points to emphasize on the news of the RCT.

Defeat at Mayol:

On November 6, 2022, the RCT Suffer a defeat at the Stadium Mayol against the Montpellier team (26-16). Our guests share their feelings with us.

Women’s Rugby:

A women’s section of cadets is developing in RCTmore and more numerous.
The team the elderlywomen’s elite 2, espresso on its side of good results. A cooperative has been created with Valletta. Women’s rugby in full swing and Toulon is not losing its touch!

The project ” RCT passion ” :

the RCT aspires to become the reference rugby club in the South-East. For this, it is necessary to forge links with all the clubs in this region. The aim is to carry out an exchange of skills and allow in particular the best players to get closer to the Toulon club.
Rock Cutedirector of RCTbearer of this project, seeks to create a powerful cohesion.

A glorious past and a promising future. the RCT has not finished making Toulon and the whole of France vibrate. Individuals or companies, if you want to get involved in the RCTFeel free to contact them.

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