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(Flowers and Aspac without sharing)

The first phase of the National Professional Handball League ended on Saturday July 30, 2022 with the victories of ASPAC (men and women) and Flowers men. These two teams finish this inaugural phase of the championship without the slightest defeat. And, for its last match of the first phase, Flowers CNSS went to dictate its law in Parakou by winning with a score of 25-42 with a lead at the break of 12-23. Still among the men, 24-22 in favor of Aspac ahead of Adjidja. At the women’s level, Aspac dominated Adjidja, 37-31.

Read the results

At men’s

Aspac #Adjidja 24-22

Buffalos # Flowers 25-42

At the ladies

Aspac #Adjidja 37-31


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