Real estate development at golf La Prairie | City calls for work to stop

The City of La Prairie has just demanded the interruption of the work of transformation of the old local golf course into real estate development, on Friday, after finding that the promoter had cut down too many trees there.

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Philippe Teisceira-Lessard

Philippe Teisceira-Lessard
The Press

The municipality accused of La Prairie sur le Parc inc. of having violated the conditions applicable to his municipal licence. She gave him a ticket.

“The City of La Prairie issued a municipal site development authorization certificate last March, in accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed in March 2017. This certificate authorizes the leveling and cutting of trees,” said explained La Prairie’s director of communications, Dominique Beaumont, by email. According to her, six ponds and 200 trees could be removed.

“Unfortunately, the Urban Planning Department found that the developer did not respect the provisions retained in the certificate, she continued. He cut more trees than he was allowed. »

In a press release, the municipality adds that it has withdrawn its municipal authorization certificate – a type of permit. “In doing so, work is no longer authorized on the site, until the owner submits a new request for a certificate of authorization in good and due form, indicates La Prairie. If the work must continue illegally, the City will take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with the municipal regulations in force. »

Reached by telephone, one of the promoter’s leaders, Serge Gariépy, did not deny La Prairie’s allegations.

“The entrepreneur, we gave him an area to do and obviously he did it. It turned out that there were maybe a few more trees than expected, ”said Mr. Gariépy. He specified that trees had also been cut down to allow the machinery that was to fill in the basins to pass. “It had to be done,” he said. “These are big pieces of equipment. »

“We don’t know exactly how many trees the contractor cut down,” he added.

This version of the facts is supported by his son, Stéphane Gariépy, also involved in the La Prairie sur le Parc project.

In the opinion of the latter, the construction site can continue despite the interpretation of the situation by the municipality. “We resumed work in accordance with the certificate of authorization issued by the City. The work that is currently being done is not illegal, we respect the authorization certificate,” said Stéphane Gariépy in a telephone interview.

The La Prairie golf course redevelopment project has been the subject of debate for many years in La Prairie. Until this week, the City had authorized the completion of preparatory work on the land, while reserving its final approval for the construction of dwellings.

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