Real Madrid’s crazy decision with Kylian Mbappé

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Here we go again. At least, for the Spanish press. The revelations ofCrew on this new Bondynois contract which would only cover two years – the third year would be optional – has already unleashed the Iberian media, which will see there a gesture from the Bondynois to facilitate a departure for Madrid in a year or two. More and more local publications have been talking in recent days about a new attempt by the Merengues for the player trained in Monaco.

The only nuance: these media claimed that this time, Pérez was not going to splurge to enlist the star of the Blues, who would therefore have to make big sacrifices to join the Bernabéu. But now the Spanish newspaper Debate says a little more at the end of September. According to this source, it’s dead for Mbappé. Real Madrid have no intention of going back on the attack.

Pérez feels cheated

Even if the Frenchman’s entourage would move a little behind the scenes to get closer to Madrid, the door is closed. The management of Real Madrid will no longer make any offers to him, and he will never play for the club in the Spanish capital, at least while Florentino Pérez is there. The Madrid management believes in particular that it was used by the player to obtain a huge contract at PSG, and it went very badly.

This case risks setting a precedent, moreover, according to the media, since from now on, the people of Madrid will set the month of March as a deadline to seal the arrival of players at the end of the contract so as not to be deceived at the very last moment. Another important point: the socios of Real Madrid also felt cheated and cheated by the player, and the management takes this very seriously. Bluff or strong decision? We’ll know in a few months…

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