Regional/departmental French Cup (2nd round). The Marne in force in the 3rd round

Five clubs from the Marne, three from Axo and one from the Ardennes, such will be the “champ’axonaise” representation in the 3rd round of the event.

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En leaving 30-29 on penalties (25-25 at the end of regulation time) the Aube neighbor of the Entente Troyes (Excellence), Taissy (8th from Prénat) climbed to the 3rd round of the Coupe de France regional. Among the girls, the TH, leader in territorial N3, easily got rid of Chevillon (pre-national).

At departmental level, still in the second round, Mourmelon lost 19-31 to Charleville-Mézières in the men’s category, while the Reims CH – Vertus derby returned to Rémois (37-32). Finally, in the departmental women’s ranks, Saint-Brice-Courcelles qualified (22-19) in Avize when Mourmelon fell heavily (43-25) in Amanvilliers (Moselle).

Soissonnaises and Laonnoises hands down

On the Axon side, Soissons (N3F) dominated Valenciennes (23-16) and Laon took the measure of Courmelles (17-29). Among the men, Courmelles benefited from the package (20-0) of Noyon and Laon did not move to Caudry. In the department, the Castels themselves fell to Chevrières (32-29).

Finally, on the Ardennes front and at the departmental level, Bogny HB was eliminated on 23-17 at the Meusiennes de Vaubencourt. Last survivors of the department, the boys of Charleville-Mézières won it for recall in the Marne, in Mourmelon (read above).

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