Regional Derby in D1 Arkema between a revengeful MHSC and Rodez who will have nothing to lose

Montpellier Hérault coach Yannick Chandioux held his pre-match press conference this Thursday in Grammont. The opportunity to come back to the draw of its players against Soyaux, last Saturday (2-2) and who have not won at home since the first day against Dijon. Rodez is warned, the MHSC will be revengeful. Kick-off Saturday November 26 at 2:30 p.m.

The Montpellier players stayed in the locker room for a long time after being held in check by Soyaux last Saturday. A disappointment that had to be evacuated before turning the page as expressed by their coach, Yannick Chandioux. “I was angry after this match, the group, marked. While respecting Soyaux, it’s a match that we should have won on the content. Immediately after the match, I asked the players to stay between them because it is also the business of the group. The coach accompanies, guides, directs, but in my way of managing, I also share with the group and he needs to find himself, alone, to say things to each other “Now it’s in the past. We have to move on. We’ve been working well since the beginning of the week, with serenity, that’s the main thing to prepare Rodez well”.

“Hard to wrap up the end of the match”

More than the result, more than the match where “the first hour is not bad in itself. We had a lot of chances in the first half, we took the penalty, we reacted quickly, it was rather positive. It was more difficult to pack things in the 2nd period; after the equalizer, I did not see the group react, determined, like in the first, which bothered me the most”.

Watch out for Rodez

Badly in points in the general, Yannick Chandioux is also wary of Rodez. “I believe that Rodez has more qualities on the collective level compared to Soyaux which has two very very strong pillars. It is a team which has taken the measure of D1 quite quickly and for me, it is not in difficulty (second to last with 5 points, tied with Soyaux); Just on a rhythm of maintenance which is his. He is a promoted with a team which resembles with his team of rise, which for me has advantages. The Rodez coach is lucid about the fact that he will not be able to compete for the D1 Arkema podium, on the other hand, through this lucidity, he works calmly with a group that is aware of its qualities and faults. can annoy a lot of teams. It’s a team that plays transitions well, stands up to defend well…”. Rodez who has just taken a point in Reims and “if we want to win, we will have to raise this level compared to what we did last week”. The Grammont public is waiting for that.

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