Renovated tennis courts –

This summer, the tennis courts in the sports area were “regenerated”, that’s the appropriate technical word. Indeed, the tennis courts on rue Émile Zola have just been refurbished to the delight of the managers and players of SO Tennis.

They provided specific treatment at the cracks, then repair of the wear layer followed by a 3 layer coating. The work was completed by tracing the game lines to allow the resumption of activity for the second half of July. A pleasant and modern visual based on a base of bright colors and perfectly integrated into the tennis space. The SO tennis is therefore now: 3 resin courts including 1 covered and 2 traditional clay courts which were also refurbished last year.

Other news

On September 10, 2022, a friendly event, open to all audiences (licensees and non-licensees), which aims to introduce as many people as possible, with family or friends, to tennis, urban tennis, wheelchair tennis , padel and beach tennis in FFT clubs.

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