Residents oppose the project to cover a tennis court in Châteauneuf-Val de Bargis: “The budget seems astronomical”

Éric and Michèle Charrault, residents of Châteauneuf-Val de Bargis, say they are “shocked” since they learned, in The Journal of the Center August 7, the municipality’s project to cover, with a courtyard, one of the two tennis courts located between their property and the church.

“On the scale of a small town of 550 inhabitants, the budget promises to be astronomical (267,000 € excluding tax)”, they denounce. “We do not understand that, under the pretext of an endowment of public money, the town hall was able to launch requests for subsidies for a still vague project. »

Amplified nuisances?

The couple indeed wrote to the mayor to find out more. “He did not answer our specific questions: “Which of the two courts will be covered? How high will the construction be? In what materials? Has an operating and maintenance budget been established? retained? If so, what would be the authorized hours of use and how do you intend to enforce them?” be considered, financed and carried out according to important specifications”.

Discover the assets of the clover city

The Charraults are also surprised by the self-financing announced, up to 20%, by the ACT, the local tennis club: “The ACT only has 30 members, so we are wondering about the financial capacity of the club to carry out this self-financing. »

For them, such a construction, which they estimated at a minimum of 7 m in height, constituted “a wart” spoiling the view of the church and the surrounding hills. “Already, we have noise pollution, because it’s a sounding board (there are echoes in all directions, we’re at the bottom of the valley), but it’s bearable in the sense that the courts are little used. These nuisances will be amplified with the new uses that this project would bring, if the courts are lit for evening access…”

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And to clarify that they have nothing against tennis. Michèle Charrault even executed the ACT “for two terms, from 2012 to 2016”. For her, “the partnership set up first with the Donzy club and then renewed with that of Varzy has proven itself for several years, by offering ACT members an indoor solution during the period when the outdoor courts are not are not practicable. »

The minutes of the general assembly of the ACT, at the beginning of the month, “does not say a word about this courtyard project”, she worries.

“Just a study”, says the mayor

“Beyond our personal problem, we especially want to alert the inhabitants to the merits of this project. Isn’t there a disproportion between the amount of the investment and the number of people involved? Aren’t there other needs for the village, priorities for which these same subsidies could be granted? For us, this project is madness. »

Contacted by us, the mayor, Patrick Rapeau, cut it short: “It’s just a study, we see if we are eligible for subsidies”. The next council meeting will take place on Monday, September 26. “We planned to be present, as well as at the following councils”, announce the Charraults. “Because we deplore a lack of transparency from the municipality. We are at the genesis of the project, we are acting now so that it does not happen. »

One of the two courts is deployed 2.70 m from the Charrault property line. “Today, noise pollution is already a problem for local residents,” they argue. “They will be amplified with the new uses that this project would bring, with, for example, the lighting of the courts for evening access…”

Perrine Vuilbert


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