Resignation of the president of the Spanish Federation, the players publish an open letter

One of the consequences of this fiasco fell on Saturday morning with the broadcast of the president of the Spanish Rugby Federation (FER) Alfonso Feijóo. For their part, the players, who obviously feel cheated in this affair which was played out without their knowledge, published a long open letter.

In which World Rugby is first castigated: “ We are disappointed. Very disappointed. We have always believed in the values ​​that fill rugby: passion, solidarity, discipline and respect. And we defended them in all circumstances, on and off the pitch. However, the one who should be the biggest guarantor of these values, World Rugby, has completely ignored it written. There is no solidarity when players are brought to bear the consequences of acts which are totally foreign to them. None of us, those of us who today make up the Spanish XV, intervened even minimally in the events that led to the reduction of points (10, which eliminated Spain from the race for the World Cup), but we are the ones who are going to suffer. »

The Spaniards believe that “what applies to Romania does not apply to Spain…”

The players also criticize the systematic rejection of new elements during the appeal phase, just like the rejection of Spain’s request on the case of Romanian Jason Tomane, who would also be ineligible (Romania takes advantage of Spain’s disqualification to qualify). ” What is valid for Romania is not valid for Spain…”

The FER is not spared either: “There must also be a radical, widespread and immediate change in the Spanish Rugby Federation. The old formulas and procedures no longer work, resulting in no less than two consecutive World Cup expulsions. We deserve more respect […] Players do not feel supported. They abandoned us and it hurts […] Generational change within the Spanish Rugby Federation must be absolute, accompanied, of course, by organizational change. » In the meantime, the Spaniards now have to prepare a test match in Canada, scheduled for Sunday July 10 in Ottawa.


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