Retained by his club, the Malmö striker sends his brother to marry in his place

Does the gift of ubiquity exist? In any case, this was what Malmö striker Mohamed Buya Turay, who experienced an unlikely situation, may have suggested. When he was recruited by the Swedish club on July 22, from Henan Songshan Longmen, the Sierra Leonean found himself in an unusual situation. Indeed, his new club asked him to join his teammates as soon as possible, after having reached an agreement a few days before the official signing of the contract.

Problem, Mohamed Buya Turay was to get married on July 21. Unable to choose between his ceremony in his country and his duties towards Malmö, the striker decided to stay in Sweden and send his brother to marry in his place with his company Suad Baydoun. Smart, the Sierra Leonean still posted a few photos on Twitter to immortalize the alleged wedding scene. But the photos actually date from several days before the ceremony.

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“We got married on July 21 in Sierra Leone, Turay told Aftonbladet, Sweden’s most read daily. But I wasn’t there because Malmö asked me to come here earlier. We took the photos in advance. So it looks like I was there but I wasn’t. My brother had to represent me at the wedding himself. But I will try to take her to Sweden and Malmö now so that she is close to me. She lives here with me. »

Since this story, Mohamed Buya Turay played his first minutes in the jersey of Malmö on Thursday in the Europa League. He entered during the game and his club won 3-0 against the Luxembourgers of Dudelange.


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