Retrospective of Vivienne football: 7) 1997-2001, end of AOV football

The end of the 1995-1996 season was a real mess. The quality group had the means to play at the highest departmental level. What happened when the Viviezois had several points ahead of their pursuers and other good players were announced? “Detrimental injuries, lack of physical condition of certain players, guys from the reserve team who refuse to operate as a flag team…” can we read on the newspapers of the time.

Coach Georges Vertbitsky stops, leaving with a lot of regrets, as well as several other players. A new office is formed, Alain Munoz succeeds Pierre Lamothe as president, Christian Dussel, kingpin of the club, remains secretary, Patrick Montergous is treasurer. Daniel Astori takes charge of the coaching, while Joël Cavalier becomes official referee.

1996-1997, around a few old and young players from Viviez and the Bassin, the club continues its adventure. Then come the Mahorais, bringing their atmosphere and their tom-toms, most of them being students at the Lycée d’Aubin. They make it possible to maintain a stable workforce. Players like Ancoub Housseine, Charlemagne Mistoihi and goalkeeper F. Tardieu at the regional level.

Champions of Aveyron in 2000

Largely dominating their pool, the Viviezois were champions of the Aveyron 3rd division for the 1999-2000 season, beating Aubin-Cransac in the final, 6 to 3, at the Camille Guibert stadium, the club’s last title. Photo of the winners, above: standing, El Yousfi, F. Buscaylet, N. Ridjali, Cédric Dussel, S. Soilihi, M. Lambert, O. Moussa, F. Tardieu, D. Grant; crouching, L. Hammadi, S. Hamann, A. Housseine, S. Soufou. C. Mistoihi. In June 2001, the AOV football, having difficulty in renewing its group, joined the new agreement which was formed in the Basin: the JSBA.

A year earlier, to honor the great athletes of the town of the 20th century, the town hall of Viviez had invited Séraphin Munoz, then evoking the team of “44 lungs” of the 1950s.

Was also invited: Serge Mésonès, who died tragically in Aubin, during his 2nd jubilee, November 1, 2001.

The long history of football, punctuated by great victories, ended in Viviez.

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