return to competition for the US Mios-Biganos which moves to Bruguières

After giving his players seven days of rest, he scheduled two training sessions (liveliness on the supports, change of direction, acceleration) and gave them a session to do at home. He resumed with three training sessions last week with many “forms played” at 6 against 6 to regain cohesion and automatism. This week, he missed the focus on defending and organizing the ball uphill.

“It’s always difficult to manage truces, he comments. You have to be demanding without being too demanding, think of interesting sessions while maintaining the mind. The group is mature enough to do without friendly matches, and has therefore refocused on the championship. In Bruguières, we will have to start the match well. It’s a catchy team. Physically and mentally fresh, we must not lose because of us. »

Top Scorer

In 2e year at the Talence pole, member of the France U18 team (5e this summer of the world in Macedonia) Lylou Borg is also the best scorer (51 goals) of the championship. One of the centerpieces of the Mios team coached by her dad, Lylou takes this with touching modesty. She knows “that it is impossible to play alone, to be able to make a difference alone, that the collective comes first” and hopes that the “group will continue to play like this, to give their all and not to take anyone lightly. . »

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