Richarlyson, former Brazilian international, comes out / Brazil /

On October 26, Australian player Josh Cavallo came out, becoming the first active player to reveal his homosexuality. On May 16, it was the young Englishman Jake Daniels, 17, who announced that he was turning out to be homosexual. This Friday, it was a former Brazilian international (two selections), Richarlyson, who turned out to be bisexual. “Today, I decided to express myself: I am bisexual. Now I want to see if things will really improve, that’s my question.” said the pensioner in the Grupo Globo podcast dedicated to homophobia in football.

“All my life people have asked me if I’m gay. I’ve dated men and women too… I’m normal, I have feelings” , added the 39-year-old former left-back. Mostly spent at São Paulo FC, he also said that his sexual orientation was not even known to his entire family: “I only spoke openly with my mother about my sexuality. My father and my brother will find out thanks to the podcast. » Now converted into a commentator, Richarlyson, by coming out, is doing something almost unprecedented in Brazil. Only a Serie D goalkeeper, named Messi, revealed his homosexuality in 2010.


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