RMC Sport confirms that it will no longer broadcast the Premier League

Previously, Canal + and RMC Sport shared the broadcasting of the entire English Championship but also the 100 million euros of the contract per season. For the new cycle, Canal+ would have renegotiated the contract downwards with the Premier League on the French market (by more than 20%).

RMC deprived of its main soap opera of the weekend

To validate a new co-broadcasting agreement in France, the Premier League would then have asked to revise the amount of this new contract upwards. In addition, the English League would not have authorized the co-broadcasting of all the matches, as in the previous cycle, but of a few. Not enough to facilitate a potential deal between Canal + and RMC Sport.

This lack of agreement now deprives RMC Sport of what has been its main weekend soap opera since the creation of SFR Sport (its former name) in the summer of 2016. SFR’s pay channel now has the co- broadcast (with Canal+) of two Champions League posters, the entire Europa League and Conference Europa League (excluding the best poster), the Portuguese Championship, a few boxing matches and MMA (UFC and Bellator). RMC Sport will now have to reinvent itself to secure future prospects.


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