Ronaldo accused of violent behavior by the FA for his bloodshed last season at Everton

Cristiano Ronaldo was formally charged by the FA on Friday with “violent or inappropriate” behavior for hitting a fan’s hand after a game at Everton last season, dropping his phone.

“It appears that the striker’s conduct after the final whistle was inappropriate and/or violent,” the FA wrote in a statement. In the worst-case scenario, the 37-year-old Manchester United player could be suspended for one or more Premier League games.

A simple call to order from the police

On April 9, as the Red Devils gave away a 1-0 loss at Everton, a video was widely released showing the Portuguese Taper on a teenager’s hand as he returned to the locker room, making drop his phone. The player had apologized the same evening on his Instagram account. The police in the Liverpool region, who had opened an investigation for “assault”, contented themselves with sending a simple call to order to the player in mid-August.

Manchester United took note of the FA’s decision, adding: “We support our player in his response to this accusation. Ronaldo is currently in selection with Portugal, with whom he must face the Czech Republic on Saturday then Spain on Tuesday in the League of Nations.

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