Rory McIlroy to LIV Golf players: Don’t try to come back and play here again.

Many players have decided to play LIV Golf, and the main reason for this is the financial offer. They know that by participating in such a tournament, they will win a lot of money with which they can support themselves and their families.

Although, so far, they have made a lot of money. Ian Poulter is one of those who will be performing at the Scottish Open, and he believes his decision (to perform at LIV Golf) will not affect his relationship with the players.

Rory McIlroy commented on the players’ decision to go to LIV Golf;
“I think at this point if you go and play another tour, then go and play another tour,” McIlroy said, as quoted by golfmonthly.

Rory thinks such players shouldn’t come back, and they should stay at LIV Golf. “You’re kind of leaving all your pairs behind to go make more money, which is good. But just go there. Don’t try to come back and play here again.

This whole thing of having the cake and eating it, that’s what resentment [stems from] within the members. »

Ian Poulter on his decision

Ian Poulter believes his decision should not affect his relationship with others.

“When you have been playing golf with these players for a very long time, it is a strictly professional decision, it is not a personal decision that should get in the way of friendships and I uniformly classify everyone here on the Tour as a am I.

“I wouldn’t have appealed if I didn’t think it was the right thing to do. I don’t think I’ve done anything different from the way I’ve played golf over the past 24 years. I’m not going to sit idly by when I feel it’s a little unfair.”

The competition is huge right now. There are a lot of “important” names on the Tour, and each of them wants to go all the way. An exciting tournament with interesting participants that we expect.

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