Ruffec: rugby is also a women’s game

For Laurent Barbarit, coach, it was an opportunity to show, through games and fun workshops supervised by RAC players, that women have their place on the pitch. And to remember: “Currently, we have 80 young people registered, from babies to under 14s, of whom barely 10% are girls. » This imposes, for example, mixed training and matches for the players. In order to help the structure give volume to this event, the players of La Couronne, in the under 18 category, came to show their know-how during directed training sessions and with a match at the end of the day. against the departmental selection of players under 15 years old. Enough to arouse vocations, as for Léa, 9 years old: “I discovered rugby at school and with a friend, I liked it! » When asked why she does not prefer another more feminine sport, the young player proudly replies: “Dancing is for girls! I want to be with the girlfriends on the field. » Léa’s mother confirms: “It’s a sport that channels children well. In addition, they reduce values ​​there. It’s only positive. »

For Laurent Barbarit, it is important that “new song” joined the team very early, “It allows us to have players who evolve throughout their career with us. It develops the club spirit and the stronger this spirit, the more players want to stay and progress. Maybe one day we will have a player from Ruffec in the France team! ».

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