Rugby: a well-introduced season for LSC hopefuls

the essential
After a rather severe defeat at Pamiers, the LSC reserve won in style at home against Castanet.

Coaches Pérès and Dilhan have reason to be satisfied with this start to the season at LSC: the players too. After a good match at Pamiers with a 20-10 defeat that deserved better, it was necessary to erase the mistakes that offered two free tries last Sunday in Ariège. Against Castanet, it was a much more successful and beautifully crafted match allowing them to access the offensive bonus (32-14 victory). If they know how to repeat productions of this level, they will have a good part to play in this competition.

The amalgam between old and young players takes well, the first line of this Sunday like some other young people such Ouchène, Cazelles or the second line Rocca-Massarin who plays together from the young levels undoubtedly make appearances above they thus continue their progression. We were able to appreciate the experienced Revel then Meireles with the baguette, like the déboulés of Laffont or the vista of Robin Suderie, the fruit of experience. The powerful and easy boot of Ouchène like the outfit behind the impeccable Simonato were also a pleasure to see.

The Youth Center is preparing the next step

The U19s played their friendly matches by facing the neighbors of Mauvezin over three 30-minute halves. It was the occasion for a major review of staff where more than 55 young people will form two teams in the League championship. A dozen tests entertained the public and families.

Similarly, the previous Saturday, it was Castanet in U16 who faced the two teams of the Entente, which largely dominated the debates in Nationals and lost narrowly in the League after a balanced match. There too it is nearly 60 cadets who will scrap all the coming season on the two championships.

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