Rugby after school with passionate Roger

Since his installation 3 years ago in Saint-Béat-Lez, Roger Sanchez had in mind to invest in the village, to contribute to its dynamics. And it is with the children of the ALAE (recreation center associated with the school), on Thursdays, that he has been working since the spring after class, and to eliminate snack time! They are a dozen girls and boys on average, aged between 6 and 10, to indulge in rugby through workshops offered to them by this passionate and former player. Roger Sanchez made his debut at 12 at Colomiers. On the grounds of Stade Toulousain for 1 year, the hooker then practiced in Nice, then in Leguevin. He was 42 when he hung up his crampons. “This sport has saved me from a lot of things; it’s a good school; it has always been my family”, confides Roger Sanchez, rewarded for his initiative by delighted children and parents delighted to see their kids flourish. . “College students seem to be verified”, he specifies, happy to note that rugby and the values ​​it conveys are of interest. Proud to have dared and to see people like it, he even has an assistant, Marie from ALAE. Supported by Elodie, the director, he also has supporters: Romy Lagouge and Annie Sabatier who have helped, on a personal basis, to finance balloons. His goal is now to buy tackle bags, and set up video workshops. Roger Sanchez could also intervene in other ALAEs in the sector because little by little, his intervention is being made known and seduces young and old alike.

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