Rugby: after the victory at Mazamet de L’Isle-Jourdain

Disappointed with the draw conceded at the last minute against Lavaur for the opening of the championship, Bertrand Bilhère, the captain of the team, had said: “We will seek points at Mazamet”. Words that could make you smile, in the case of a promoted against a contender for the national 2, but which did not make you smile on Sunday evening in the Tarn.

Given the last two seasons in federal 2, we suspected that L’Isle-Jourdain had its place at the next level. The team’s performance against Lavaur the previous week and Sunday night’s victory at Mazamet (22-24) definitively confirmed the fact. However, it was off to a bad start for the USL led at the break against locals who already had the victory at 5 points. Paul Aygobère underlines: “We showed that we were a team, that we had character. We had a ghostly first half, we stayed on the bus for 30 minutes with in particular tactical choices contrary to what We had planned. Despite everything, we held the boat in front, competing in conquest and especially in touch. To be honest, at half-time, there could have been more for Mazamet. We explained ourselves at half-time. time and it was much better afterwards. We occupied the field more on foot, we were better defensively. Elian Coan’s try from more than 60 meters puts us back in the game. We add solidarity, conquest, mentally, we took over. We performed well at the end of the match, in control, in discipline. We went for this victory which does us a lot of good. It pays us for all the work we have been doing since June, the players However, with the arrival of the FCTT on Sunday in Lapalu, it will be necessary We want to come back down to earth because, opposite, we will have a formation accustomed to this level, with a good group of players. You have to be careful not to be flamboyant this weekend and get down at home. We’re going to have to put in a high value fight to validate this win.”

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