“Rugby and physics”, SCA players in training under a blazing sun

the essential
In a week, it’s the recovery. The SCA players received Pamiers for a first friendly match, and train tirelessly despite the heat of the last few days.

It is noon on the plain of the sports of Guitarié. Not a cloud on the horizon, and the sun is beating down hard on the ground. Despite the scorching heat, the players spared no effort. “We have a drink, we have a minute of recovery! “. And here we go again, after a quick explanation of the next exercise. “It’s the off-season, and we’re here to surpass ourselves even if it stings! Because if it’s not at times like this that we surpass ourselves, it’s useless, ”shouts the physical trainer to motivate his troops… Mathieu Bonello, the coach, goes from one group to another to observe his players.

In a few days, Friday August 12, the players of the SCA version 2022-2023 will face Pamiers at 7 p.m. at the Stadium. In the meantime, it’s training morning and evening despite the hot weather of the last few days. At 12:45 p.m., last gathering in the center of the field for the final debriefing of the morning. Before going to rest. “We work on the physical as much as rugby, we try to do one without neglecting the other”, explains coach Mathieu Bonello at the end of the session. “In the morning we are outside, as long as the heat is bearable, and in the afternoon we favor indoor sessions, we stay inside as much as possible”, continues the coach.

Training at noon under the sun at the sports plain of Albi./
DDM – Marie-Pierre Volle

Team cohesion

The club has decided to renew its workforce by half this season, against a third in previous years. Last to arrive, the left pillar Antoine Soave, from Provence Rugby. The latest in a long series of recruitment, which is not yet complete. Another 2 or 3 players, and the squad will be complete, promises Mathieu Bonello. “One in front and two behind”.

In the meantime, it is working on the cohesion of the new group that is important. For this the team returns from two stages. The first in Saint-Lary, spa resort in the Pyrenees, the second in Castres with the 8th RPIMa. “These are important moments, where the players can get to know each other. We want to work on team spirit. It’s very positive for the players. The last season was good, positive, and we want to keep this momentum, ”says the coach.

After facing Pamiers, the Albigensians will travel to Camares on Wednesday August 17 to meet Béziers. Before the start of this 2022-2023 season. “First, you have to be in the six. Once qualified, we will see if we have the ambition and if we deserve to reach the next level,” Mathieu Bonello told us when we asked him a few weeks ago about his ambitions for this new season. In any case, all the staff are working to prepare the team to make this objective a reality.

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