Rugby: beaten at Labastide-Beauvoir, Stade Lavelanétien is no longer invincible

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After a series of seven victories, Stade Lavelanétien lost their invincibility this weekend at Labastide-Beauvoir. But he keeps the lead.

Beaten at Labastide-Beauvoir, 19 to 15, Stade Lavelanétien fell from its pedestal after a series of seven victories. For the first time this season, nothing worked. The “yellow and black” failed in all areas of the game, especially in envy, against a poorly ranked formation, but “starved”.
For 80 minutes, the Lavelanétiens thwarted, committed unusual faults, and above all, never knew, or could, chain sufficient playing time to hope to reverse the situation. Too many dropped balls, ahead of passes, defeated conquest, lack of support for the ball carrier, lack of rigor, fighting spirit, envy…
The “yellow and black” stammered their rugby, a white card against a yellow to his opponent, like lambs in front of a local team which ultimately did not “spend a tough afternoon against a team from hostile land” . And the Stadium does not have the habit of “loading” the arbitration to explain its defeats.
For the first time of the season too, the rain was invited before kick-off, a soft ground which levels the values, which can partly explain that.

A disappointment for all

The disappointment was great among the supporters who had made the trip, and obviously with Benoît Puigserver, the coach of the “yellow and black”. “We knew that the game would be tough, because even in difficulty, we knew that they (the locals) would not let go of anything at home. We saw, even if we had a few flashes, we played stopped, without desire, without determination, without commitment, and in the end it gives a defeat. And we are doing well, we take the bonus, thanks to the points that their striker left on the way. All this represents the week well, the commitment that was made was weak. But hey, it brings us back down to earth, a slap that must be beneficial. We will see next Sunday, a difficult match awaits us against the TUC, we will show determination, we have to bounce back very quickly, and a good slap is sometimes good to bounce back”.
Despite the defeat, Stade Lavelanétien retains the lead in the group with 5 points ahead of TUC, second, and 8 points over La Save, third.
A corner of blue sky in the gloom, the reserved team won brilliantly, 27 to 10. The composition: Khensous, Mélouli, Losilla, Hassler, Tédesco, Molini, Galin, Lefèvre, Bénali, Rigaud, Tyrode, Ferrer. Replacements: Rebbouh, Lamarque, Ertlen, Garcia.

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