RUGBY. Can this experimental rule land in the northern hemisphere?

It’s a little bit the subject of debate, the taboo subject, the subject that everyone wants to avoid during the 3rd halves. The reason ? It questions, interrogates, divides and rather strongly even. It will also be remembered that the Midi Olympique had received a file on the new rule (present since 2021 in Super Rugby) red cards, questioning various players in the French rugby landscape to try to know their opinion and their aguments on it. . With it, the player who receives a “red card” is always permanently excluded, but may be replaced after 20 minutes. And the one that will continue for the 2022 edition of the Rugby Championship which begins this weekend. “We believe that the integrity of international matches is very important and that whenever possible matches should be fifteen-on-fifteen contests”explained Brendan Morris, boss of Sanzaar, the body that runs the competition.

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But then this rule, like those of goalkeeper-throw or 50/22, can it also conquer the northern hemisphere and land in the Top 14 or in a competition like the 6 Nations? The South is campaigning in any case for, in particular to avoid situations like that of July where Australia or New Zealand had to fight in numerical inferiority for almost an hour. Except that in Europe, the general trend is clearly to refute this rule. And if World Rugby has declared via its director general to need “more data” to make a decision, the main world body has not yet clearly established itself. Rest that sAccording to information from Midol, she would have already ruled out the evacuation of implementing this rule for the 2023 World Cup. Which should also leave the Tournament alone, at least until that date…

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