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Caroline Drouin, 26, won a second world bronze medal with the Bleues by beating Canada, 36-0, on Saturday November 12, 2022. The opener or three-quarter center participated as a starter in all matches of the competition characterized by a loss of one point in the semi-finals against New Zealand.

How are you already a little less than two weeks after the end of the World Cup? You are on vacation ?

I’m fine, thank you. I am on vacation in Morbihan. I rest. The recovery (with Stade rennais rugby, his club since 2015) has not yet been set. The first match of the season in the league will take place on December 11 (reception of Montpellier) but I will not play.

How was this World Cup?

It was quite incredible to experience a World Cup in New Zealand. It was also good to find a competition with full stadiums. But sportingly, we wanted to do better than a third place.

Have you ever played in New Zealand?

Yes, I had the opportunity to do seven-man tournaments there.

How was the atmosphere there?

At the start of the competition, it took a while to get going. There was a timid enthusiasm. It was from the quarter-finals that the stadiums were full, with two matches in the same stadium on the same day. People who came for the first match stayed for the second. Then the atmosphere was incredible at Eden Park (Auckland’s stadium, the usual temple of the All Blacks, hosted the semi-finals, the final and the match for third place).

We are obliged to evoke this alleged which could have been that of the victory at the last minute of the semi-final against New Zealand…

It’s digested. It didn’t all end there. There was a medal to go for against Canada. We had to prepare well for this match against a team which we had seen had a good group stage (Canada finished first in Pool B ahead of Italy and the United States before beating the United States again). United in the quarter then losing to England in the semi-finals). I also had a lot of support from the players.

The suspect is digested. It didn’t all end there.

We have read or heard some observers who wondered if you hadn’t drawn this famous fault a little too quickly. What do you think ?

You should know that I have a fairly fast routine. And I don’t think it was necessary and that it is still necessary now to decipher this penalty, the time it took me to draw it. This happened.

There were 1.4 million viewers to follow the match against New Zealand, while it was in the morning, does this show the growing interest in the French women’s team?

It was difficult to realize that in New Zealand with the jet lag. But we received a lot of messages, much more than before. On an awareness of the interest around the French women’s team, even if there were matches very early, sometimes at night in France.

You’re also a sevens international and won Olympic silver in Tokyo. How will the sequel unfold? Your goal is to participate in the Paris Olympics?

I have big goals in XV and 7 but there has not yet been an inventory. I have plenty of time to ask the right questions and find out what objectives will drive the next few years.

Do you have a preference between the two disciplines?

It is complementary. I want to do both for as long as possible. The seasons are increasingly full in each discipline. I dread the moment when I will have a choice to make…

And at XV, there is of course the World Cup in England in 2025…

It happens fast. I’m already thinking about it. Especially since we are frustrated with third place in New Zealand.

During this World Cup, you played at the opening, except against Fiji (44-0 victory) where you played in the first center. Which role do you prefer?

I do not know. Individually, as a center, at least responsibilities. The No. 10 position is more team-oriented. As long as I have the chance to play, I don’t care between these two positions…

An event marked this New Zealand World Cup, it is the injury of your hinge partner, Laure Sansus…

Laure is a pillar of this team. We have all been affected. It was against England and more (the second match of the Blue, lost 7-13). We knew the injuries she had had before and we knew very well what it meant when she left the field, namely her end. But, clearly, we quickly switched. We said to ourselves that it was up to us to make a great match, for her. Laure was present at half-time to remobilize us, she didn’t show any sadness. She then stayed with the group for a week and provided support. Then she joined her family who were in New Zealand.


1996: birth on July 7, 1996 in Auray.

2002: begins rugby in Auray, following the example of his brothers.

2010: turns to handball.

2015: first license at Stade Rennais rugby.

2016: champion of France and the university world of rugby at 10.

2017: first selection for the French rugby union team, on March 12, against Italy; third in the World Cup in Ireland.

2018: elected best player of the French championship.

2021: Olympic vice-champion in rugby 7 in Tokyo.

2022: third in the World Cup.

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