Rugby: Colomiers – Vannes, shock of ambitious in Pro D2

This Thursday (9 p.m.), Colomiers and Vannes face off on the fifth day of Pro D2. Only two points separate them in the standings.

A close encounter. The players of Colomiers and Vannes expect it. Tonight, the two clubs met at the Michel-Bendichou stadium on the fifth day of Pro D2. As a reminder, last year, the Bretons won the duel on the columΓ©rine lawn with a six-point lead.

The balance tilts to one side as well as the other.

Since the start of the season, both teams have started on a good footing. Indeed, only two points separate them in the standings. Advantage Colomiers, all the same, with its three victories in four games, against two only for the Vannetais. Especially since during their two trips this season, the Bretons have never won (in Soyaux-AngoulΓͺme and Rouen). “Winning away is giving yourself the opportunity to make a series and we know that in this championship, as long as we have not obtained three victories in a row, there is no possibility to clearly exist”underlined Jean-NoΓ«l Spitzer, the coach of the RCV. Last year, RC Vannes disappointed by finishing in eleventh place. The main objective of the club is therefore to replace itself in the top 6 to hope to join the elite. After four days, the Vannetais are seventh with 10 points, while their evening opponent is fourth (12 points).

For its part, the Occitan club intends to continue on its source. The ColumΓ©rins have won three games against serious contenders in the final stages. β€œCarcassonne, Aix and Agen claim to be in the top 6. It’s rather positive. But at the start of the championship, the teams settle”, named the Haut-Garonne scrum-half Ugo SΓ©guΓ©la. Against Vannes, the Colomiers players know it: it will be a high-intensity match. β€œIt’s a playful team, which knows how to move the ball and likes to play its duels. We will have to be attentive to all this and be in place defensively ”, he added. Who will win the duel tonight? Difficult to make a prediction. Nevertheless, these two teams will have a lot to do this season and are to be watched very closely.

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