Rugby: “Continue to promote the VII”, the ambitions of Maxime Castell, general manager of Esprit Sud Sevens

Before the start of the next season, Maxime Castell takes stock.

At the end of 2022, how is the association doing?

Very well, we have already prepared well for what happens in 2023, we are getting into the concrete.

Thursday, November 17, you organized your first “Business Sevens” evening, what did it consist of?

“Business Sevens” is above all the launch of a network of partners. We want to offer moments of exchange and meetings, even outside of rugby. The objective is also to mix business and conviviality with a few evenings a year. The next one will take place in February, like the next stage.

Precisely, last Saturday, you brought together players for a scene, what was its purpose?

It was an end-of-season stage to take stock of the year but also to present to the players the different novelties for the coming season. They were able to benefit from the valuable advice of the coaches with a tailor-made training in joy and good humor.

Among the first deadlines, the Winter Sevens…

Yes, the weekend of February 25-26 in the Montpellier region, with this year the opening of a new category: juniors, whom we have welcomed since the start of the season, during our “Monday Sevens” in Jacques and Balma.

At the sporting level, what are the ambitions for the two teams?

We realized that we touched the elite podium in men’s and women’s last season, without making the best of the seasons. We think that by working a little longer, by being a little more serious and motivated, we can get a place on the podium.

Are you going to go, like last year, to an international tournament?

We did Dubai with our two teams, the girls also went to Tunis. We are looking at Los Angeles in 2023, but the economic reality has caught up with us and should ultimately settle for several European tournaments.

You keep the organization of three tournaments…

Yes, first the Winter, then the Cogedim Spring Sevens in Toulouse, on June 3 and 4. Finally, we are also organizing our traditional Med Sevens, on July 8 and 9, 2023.

Less than two years from the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, what is your goal?

We want to continue to promote the VII. For, precisely, that it continues to be evaluated in the perspective of the Games which are coming very quickly.

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