Rugby: Decazeville has returned to the Camille-Guilbert stadium

The first training took place on Tuesday August 2, just over a month before the resumption of the Federal 2 championship.

Tuesday August 2, and despite the summer period, more than thirty players were present when Decazeville resumed training at the Camille-Guibert stadium to best prepare for this season on the upper floor. These training sessions will continue until the stage of September 2, 3 and 4 in Espalion at the rate of three sessions per week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. A friendly match is scheduled for Saturday August 27 at 7 p.m. in Tulle. The whole senior group will be present to play three 30-minute halves against the locals who play in Federal 1.

Aurélien Panis and David Fabre excused, the group of coaches formed by Anthony Julian, Tim Bowker, Etienne Rous and Alexandre Malpel was “delighted to find the field, the players and the atmosphere of rugby”. Without wasting time, and aware that “the players have surely eased up and some are still on vacation”Julian warned them of the upcoming festivities: “The preparation will be activated on the physical. Rugby will come after, knowing that we only cut in mid-June. We will gradually resume physical condition… 90% of players have remained so we will work in continuity .”

When discussing recruitment, he does not hide the fact that it is complicated”. It’s up to him to continue: “On a Roman (Barascud) who returns and then players from team B are very interesting and we hope for two surprises fairly quickly . Don’t act…

A derby to start

As a reminder, the championship will start in Decazeville on September 11 against LSA, preceding the trip to Cahors, surely on Saturday September 17, before the reception of Causse-Vézère at Camille-Guibert on Sunday September 25. Julian and Bowker’s men will have to be ready from the start to avoid the pitfalls that are sure to arise at the start of the new season.

Recalling that the hen 4 “is very interesting”Tim Bowker, the back lines coach, is already looking forward to this first league and derby match against LSA: “A derby in the first match is very good. We’ll be in the swing of things right away. It’s certainly a good car chosen, we’ll stay on the intense matches of the final stages and we’ll start at the same tempo. With this derby we have a little pressure which suits us well. We will work to be ready and personally I can’t wait to be there.”

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