Rugby: Eauze released after a difficult trip

the essential
After a painful start to the championship, players and coaches have a big week to prepare for the first match on their field.

A first day in the championship with a trip to Tournay and the USE will be released this Sunday. The reception of Louey-Marquisat is postponed to October 9, the Bigourdans having requested this report because of marriage.

From this first round in Tournay we will remember that the two “blood and gold” formations came home beaten: 30 to 18 for the first, and 34 to 29 for the reserve which brought back a bonus. The two starting teams have lined up very different compositions in terms of numbers than last season. In fact, 9 out of 22 players joined the I group and 10 out of 19 for the II. The coaches incorporate this new workforce and they have to be given time for the mayonnaise to set. The Elusates have a Sunday without playing and must continue to train in order to win at the two receptions of Aureilhan on October 2 and then Marquisat on October 9.

New formula

At the end of the preliminary phase, two distinct final phases are proposed.

First of all the first 4 of hen will be qualified for the Championship of Occitanie which will send 14 formations in Championship of France. The four semi-finalists of this Occitanie championship will reach the next level in Regional 1 (ex-promotion of Honor and Honour). The formations ranked from 5th to 8th place will play the Challenge d’Occitanie (Consolante) which will send 14 clubs to the final phase of the Challenge de France. The 9th and 10th are eliminated, the 10th are relegated to Regional 3 as well as the worst 9th. We see that if the USE wants to be ambitious, it will have to finish in the first 4 places in the preliminary classification of the first phase.

Pre-game meal

The reception of Aureilhan will see the cooks of the club resume their Sunday habits. They will offer you an all-inclusive menu around a “chicken and fries” for 14 €. Reservations are already open on 06 84 14 92 83 or 06 15 71 05 10.

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