Rugby (Elite 2F): the Rochelaises are revengeful

Their hosts are also revengeful after their defeat (19-25) against Perpignan. Toulonnaises certainly still in the running-in phase but who would probably be in mind that this start of the season is perhaps also the right time to face the local fifteen, who had not fully integrated that serious things were starting in Rouen.

“Kick in the ass”

“After a correct start, we missed gnac, rhythm, we did not know how to hurt ourselves, rakes coach Alexandre Barès. This week on a press release on it because that’s what we’ve been missing. Also on too much waste, including 18 lost balloons. The Valkyries never come in our 40s, but on mistakes they are opportunistic and score a 14-0! We are very sterile in the brand areas, we lack intensity. We have to build on it. It’s a kick in the ass, it does us good for lack of having done a little more. Now all you have to do is react at home, but with a little extra soul. Don’t be afraid, it’s still an affordable match but we can’t be at 80%. I have a fairly homogeneous group in order to rotate over the season. Admittedly, we also have new players who must understand what we are doing, but we will have to get into the competition very quickly and get our heads straight. You have to have this ability to transcend yourself, the desire to slip away. »

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