Rugby / Federal 1: FC Oloron wants to correct its mistakes

After the heavy defeat in the derby in Mauléon (34-10), the FéCéO recovered…

After the heavy defeat in the derby at Mauléon (34-10), the FéCéO got back to work with a studious week before the reception of Salles on Saturday afternoon. “We have to accept the mistakes that we make both at the level of the staff and the players”, explains the forwards coach Guillaume August. “We are in reconstruction and there is no point in brooding in your corner after such a setback. Everything was not to be thrown away at Mauléon, even if we have to accept the bad choices that were made. »

The video analysis made it possible to move forward for a group which will be reshaped a little this weekend. Hooker Julien Ramirez is getting married and has invited some of his partners to this happy event. Maxime Paillot and Pierre Crampé are thus part of the wedding and could not welcome the promoted Girondin.

The young hooker trained at the club Nathan Loustaunou should suddenly make his debut for the pennant team, Peïo Inçagaray being still in the infirmary due to a painful shoulder. The three-quarter center Baptiste Lafourcade is also back. He has recovered from the thigh tear that caused him to miss the start of the season.

The Oloro group

Latournerie, Pailhassar, Letellier, Demon, Lafourcade, Boucau, Larrieu, Pillardou, Bordenave; Barantol, Pinaud, Tisné; Condouret, Rassinfosse, Loustalet, D. Crampé; Panigai, Allouache, Perrain; Piot, Berhabe, Lacorne, Loustaunou, Levin, Moncade (cap.).

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