Rugby / Federal 2: AS Layrac at the reveal in Mouguerre

the essential
The Layracais move with ambition on the lawn of Mouguerre, but the match looks rough and difficult.

The Layracais leaders will temporarily make their group this Sunday for a second, more distant trip, this time to Mouguerre. During the first two games won, Thomas Gaston’s teammates were still in adjustment. “We are at the start of the season. We started late and there are still plenty of things to work on and then we rotate the squad by integrating new players, explains De Carli. We test players. We made a strong move by winning the first away game. We take a bonus against Aramits. On a goal to make everyone work. All of this has generated moments of doubt and if we don’t do this work now, we never will. There is no physical condition problem but rugby-wise, we are not ready. It lacks these efforts to be made. We worked on it this week. »

“We have to make a match accomplished”

Captain Thomas Gaston is aware of the situation, which is not at all worrying. “We play a lot with our attacking game but there are also defensive tasks that are not carried out. There is no fire. We are at the start of the championship. It’s up to us to build our matches better and manage them better. We must be masters of the game and not submit to it”. Thomas Gaston insists on the fact that the teams of this group are different but in any case his speech will be clear: “We are going there to win because at Layrac, we have to inculcate a culture of winning . We will not win everywhere but we will have to pick up points everywhere by not giving up”.

It will be the same on Sunday on the banks of the Adour. Coaches De Carli and Bourdeilh will make substitutions since some players are injured like Basquet, Fa’aoso, Da Silva and Mula. Captain Gaston is not worried. “This season, in recruitment there is the number but also much more quality which is added to that of the group in place. There is no fire. In five matches, five victories including two in the league. On an offensive bonus. We are in the nails. We know that we will be expected everywhere and that’s normal and it’s up to us to assume our status, to perform well everywhere, to cultivate this culture of winning. Unfortunately, it is not the one who makes the most play who will win. He is the one who will be pragmatic”.

ASL occupies the first place followed by Boucau-Tarnos with also two victories but the competent Layracais plus the offensive bonus point garnered against Aramits. Mouguerre is solid. The Inigo family knows this club well at the gates of Bayonne. It would be good to make a result for this end of the block before sacrificing a well-deserved break after having chained six matches in a row. “We have to play an accomplished match,” insists De Carli.

The probable group of AS Layrac

Bellevergue, Bon, Delserre, Cler, Roux, Deccotignies, Tesquet, Duluc, Péré, Ompraret, Hahn, Thillard-Mourgue, Bellandi, Anania, Lambrot, Afatia, Papa, Gaston, Gomez di Nardo, Rigal, Bezies…

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