Rugby (Federal 2): ​​Jardine, the great traveler

When Sunni Jardine, 22 years old, 1.83 meters, 93 kilos, arrived at Boucau, it happened a bit by chance. Anglet was on the spot, but José Foncillas, president of BTS, who haunts airports in his spare time, spotted the rare pearl as he was the last to get off the plane. He had come for a redhead; he left with a blond, any color blindness being ruled out.

“He does not defend”

Today, Foncillas does not regret his choice, even if he had to fight with the Wasps (The Wasps), the London club where Jardine tried his hand at rugby. Wasps didn’t want him to be at a club that was too upscale. The Boucau and the Federal 2 carry out the case. One can imagine the fury of the Angloys at having let the man of certain talents escape.

So certain that the British academics will enlist him under their banner last season. And we know how much university rugby weighs across the Channel. Currently, Sunni Jardine is deprived of rugby, which should not bother him too much, even if his kicks and body feints make his teammates happy.

In this regard, José Foncillas specifies: “We had to reorganize the team around him because he does not defend. And at Boucau-Tarnos, it’s an unforgiving fault. I have two holders who almost left the club because of him. But it finally worked out. Jardine is a charming boy who deserves attention. »

“Detractors and admirers”

Today in South Korea, Sunni Jardine will struggle to find a club that matches his qualities. In memories, he left BTS with the image of a tall blond man, without black shoes, although… the color of his cleats was not listed and black is black, as they say at Le Boucau.

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