Rugby (Federal 2). The Cadets of Casteljaloux in the distance

Aramits-Asasp is therefore on appeal against this large defeat and it is Casteljaloux who sees himself as the designated person to pay the bill for the local revolt. “We knew we were expected, mentioned Friday again the manager of the premises Jean-David Boreinstein. We know that we are going to a stronghold with ancestral values ​​and that we will have to unite, be flawless in solidarity to obtain a probable result. The slightest relaxation on our part will be paid in cash and if we are not careful, the bill could be steep. »

Chincharaudli injured

“We are going to ask the boys to show the same state of mind as that displayed against the super favorite of the hen Layrac, as well as that denoted last Sunday at Lirac against Rion-Morcenx, warns Jean-David Boreinstein again. We are not saying that we aim at all costs to win against our rivals, but it would be good, as with each trip, to bring back a little something from our Pyrenean expedition. »

Casteljaloux will deplore this Sunday the absence of his center or Georgian opener Chincharaudli, injured last Sunday in the knee. The return of the rookie Bougès from Queyran will be effective and the pack will be denser with the return of one of the Mékatel brothers, probably associated with his brother who already officiates in the tailgating, supported by the two other recruits from the off-season, the pillars Mamaladze and Barès who opposed who spoke last week against Rion-Morcenx. Clearly, Casteljaloux is preparing to face up bravely.

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