Rugby (Federal 3). A historic Sunday for CO Pont-du-Casse XV in Régadous

Defeats in the 1redaytime…

Defeats in the 1re day on the ground of Caussade (38-5), the Cassipontins can however rely on some positive points such as the good behavior of his package before that we could see conquering on several occasions. “For the first match at Caussade, we came across a good team which played at the top of the table, notes Claude Margnac, the president of COP XV. If we add a little bad luck on our side with injuries, on the snapshot this heavy score which does not quite reflect the meeting, even if Caussade undoubtedly deserves his victory. »

“Raise Cursor”

To exist in this raised hen, the Agen commuters will have to increase their level and store up some collective experience, even if all are well aware that it will be difficult to compete with the very large cars. “We know that we will first have to take points at home, and if possible on Sunday, even if the players of Moissac will be revengeful after their defeat at home against Tournefeuille (16-25), admits Claude Margnac. It’s up to us to raise the bar and give ourselves the means to win. We are prepared accordingly. »

The Cassipontins will have to increase their level for their first at home.

Nadia Bourlin

But reducing the COP XV to only first team members would certainly be a mistake as long as the whole club is working to make this first season in Federal 3 a real success. “We must congratulate our reserve team which won its first match at Caussade, indicates the president of Pont-du-Casse. This victory is also very special because some players who made up this team played in 1re Series when I arrived at the club nine years ago. »

Volunteer Success

Behind the scenes also on is active as best as possible and Claude Margnac is surrounded by many volunteers without the club not existing. He would also like to emphasize that the rise to Federal 3 is also theirs: “Without all these volunteers and leaders, we would be nothing and I don’t know how to repay them. They are the soul of the club. »

The objective of this season for the COP XV will be to maintain itself. But he will also have to find financial solutions so as not to find himself in difficulty at this level. “It is certain that with accession, this will generate more costs, admits Claude Margnac. We are also working on solutions to have more resources generated by the club. We are trying to find a solution to provide ourselves with a real tool with larger stands, a larger room to accommodate more people during pre-match meals. It is a whole internal economy that must be put in place in order to allow the club to live to the maximum of its own resources. »

The COP XV beaten in Caussade during the inaugural day of federal 3

The COP XV beaten in Caussade during the inaugural day of federal 3

Nadia Bourlin

We can therefore see that if the Pont-du-Casse club intends to maintain itself sportingly in Federal 3, we are also working behind the scenes so that it lives well there. Maybe while waiting for better.

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