Rugby (Federal 3): Nontron – Sarlat, the duel seems unbalanced

The match is not looking to be the most balanced, as confirmed by Alexis Jolivet, CSN player-coach: “We have just had two precious successes in the face of maintaining competitors. We don’t fight in the same category as Sarlat, but with a brave heart, nothing is impossible. »

No matter the difficulty, the reds and blues have no intention of leaving an easy victory to the visitors, and if they can achieve a feat, they will not deprive themselves of it. The points taken against the big teams of the group could make the difference at the end of the season.

For the morale of the team, it will be especially important to perform well so as not to break the dynamic created in recent weeks. Then above all to prepare as well as possible for the last two trips before the truce of the end of year celebrations, to Lacapelle-Marival then Figeac.

Two absent in Sarlat

The Sarladais returned from Bugue with five more points in the standings, this is a first reason for satisfaction. Everyone will certainly not say as much against the brave Buguois.

Nevertheless, not everything was perfect during this meeting, as coach Ludovic Pérusin admits: “We still had discipline problems, especially on high tackles. The group is working on this in training, hoping to limit the number of penalties. We experienced problems in conquest, especially in touch and we must at all costs straighten the situation by looking for more favorable areas. The trip to Nontron promises to be difficult. They are on a positive dynamic with two straight wins. It will be necessary to respond present at the level of intensity and combat. Everyone wants to pin Sarlat on their hunting board. »

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