Rugby. Federal 3: RC Quimper intends to extend the party in Trignac

Federal 3. Trignac – RC Quimper, Sunday (3 p.m.)

The victory obtained last Sunday at the expense of the Vitréens put balm in the heart of Rugby Club Quimper as a whole. “The party was very nice”, admitted Philippe Jouan, delighted by this start, while deploring the injury of Théo Fougère. “He took a spoon on his try, which caused him a big sprain in his ankle”. The 2nd line of Quimper is thus forfeited for Sunday. For this trip to Loire Atlantique, the group from last weekend will be renewed in a different way. “But we are going to carry out a few tests”, announces Jouan, aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the group. “And our ambitions will be reduced.”

Knock down the opponent faster!

The Ligériens did not make it through the opener, in Bruz (30-54), scoring a whopping seven tries, but also showing some defensive weaknesses. “There are five points to distribute,” recalls the manager of the RCQ. “If we still hold them at the end of the match, it’s up to us to store as many as possible”. After analyzing the Vitré meeting on video, the staff and the players have thus put their finger on the points to be corrected, namely to be more effective on the first defensive curtain. “We have to bring down the opponent faster, but also be more ambitious in launching the game.” If everything comes together in Trignac, the party could continue at the RCQ.

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