Rugby (Federal 3): Sarlat begins its reconstruction

Demotion to the first federal level was the least bad solution, it was about the survival of the club. The CAS is now carried by François Bourgeois, Paul Jalès and Adrien Doursat, the newcomer to this triumvirate.


Resuming a little later than the other formations of the group, they were 37 seniors plus a dozen juniors at fault, under a scorching heat, the lawn of the Christian-Goumondie stadium, Monday August 1st. At the staff level, around the former Ludovic Pérusin and Mathieu Repetto were added Yvan Demuylder and Jonathan Laporte, one of the few not to have left the ship.

25 departures (most to Federal 1) for as many arrivals, it is with around 55 licensees that this new adventure will be experienced. Note at the level of recruits Nomani Tonga (2nd or 3rd line, Lormont) and Agustin Aprile, Argentinian opener from Cahors.

Remain in the group Puyraud, Olluyn, Bencivenga, Laporte and Paea, which constitutes a solid framework to face the pangs of this hen with derbies.

Rules of life, rules within the group: the work at the start of the season will focus on physical preparation before going to a stadium scheduled for August 20 in Bouzic.

Arrivals: Aprile (opener, Cahors), Tonga (2nd or 3rd line, Lormont), Wiltot (Le Bugue).

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