Rugby / Federal 3: Sévignacq – Josbaig, poster for the 2nd day

Sévignacq, the reigning French champion, managed the small feat of winning last Sunday on Basque soil…

Sévignacq, the reigning champion of France, managed the small feat of winning last Sunday on Basque soil, in Saint-Palais. It would be a shame now for the Gabas guys not to confirm for their home premiere.

“The score (21-34) at Saint-Palais is flattering, it does not really correspond to the face of the match. Our bench did a little better than theirs, ”analyzes Stéphane Gary, the Sevignacquais coach. The ESVG will leave with a small psychological ascendancy since it remains on two victories in the two confrontations of last season. History reminds us that matches between these two teams are always hotly contested. As for the workforce, the 2nd row Thomas Pesenti is slightly injured in the knee, he will be absent perhaps for several weeks.

33 years after his last stint in Federal 3, Josbaig celebrated this anniversary last Sunday with a victory over Riscle, a loyal customer of the division. “Almost none of our players were born during Josbaig’s last game in Fédérale 3! laughs Franck Dion, the Josbacquais coach.

The home win will allow Josbaig to travel with less pressure. If they had any doubts, the Josbacquais realized last Sunday that they had the level. “We will go to Sévignacq on tiptoe, we have not forgotten that we lost the first leg and return last season. For me, Sévignacq and Navarrenx play the leading roles in this group,” announces the coach, who is satisfied with his last performance.

“We were quite efficient in conquest, with little waste. On the other hand, the collective defensive animation was sometimes laborious. It is in our interest to play to the full the small number of chances that we must have tomorrow”.

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