Rugby / Federal 3: the presentation of the 2nd day for our clubs

Gan (2nd, 5…

Gan (2nd, 5 pts) – Cazères le Fousseret (4th, 4 pts) Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

The GO did not fall into the trap set by the promoted Pouyastruc during the opening of the championship. This away victory, with a score of 12-22, puts GO on the right track. Now we must confirm this good start against another promoted, Cazères le Fousseret. The Hauts-Garonnais have meanwhile, paid the luxury of beating Jullian last Sunday on their lawn. No doubt they will be keen to confirm their good performance, in any case they will want to exist in Béarn.

Laruns (1st, 5 pts) – St-Gaudens (3rd, 4 pts) Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

It’s been a long time since Laruns was the leader of his group. Well it’s chosen thanks to his improved victory obtained last Sunday on the ground of the neighbor Argelès Gazost (32-39). But the Ossalois do not get carried away, because it was necessary to wait until the end of the meeting to snatch the victory and the offensive bonus point. As a reminder Laruns lost 26-18 in the 76th. The red card failed in Ossau during this meeting will penalize Laruns for the reception of Saint-Gaudens. The Saint Gaudinois won 24-15, against L’Isle en Dodon with 8 qualified from a named Verdu.

Bénéjacq (6th, 1 pt) – L’Isle en Dodon (9th, 0 pt) Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

Bénéjacq connects a second reception in a row. The last face of the promoted Sarlabous (Les Baronnies) did not go well (20-26 defeat), we will have to straighten the bar immediately so as not to already think. L’Isle en Dodon has just lost to Saint-Gaudens, without cashing a try but without registering either! Bénéjacq rode great attitudes on Sunday, especially up front. The Bénéjacquois are learning, they need time to learn, wanting it not to take too long.

Riscle (6th, 1 pts) – Navarrenx (2nd, 4 pts) Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

After winning against the Barcus / Menditte agreement, Navarrenx can leave with a little lighter heart in the Gers. Riscle has just taken a small slap from the promoted Josbaig, the Gersois must show another face at home, they who were not very inspired in attack last week. Riscle must be in doubt, by practicing his movement rugby, Navarrenx can bring back a little something from this movement.

Barcus/Menditte (9th, 0 pt) – Condom (10th, 0 pt) Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

Xiberoa receives a team which has also just experienced defeat, but unlike the Souletins, the Gersois lost on their lawn (20-52), against Nogaro, and what is more, by conceding 8 tries… Without being chauvinistic, we can say that it doesn’t smell very good in Condom. The Souletins must not miss the opportunity to win on their lawn for this first of the season for Andre Chilo.

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