Rugby. Firm prison required against Bernard Laporte and businessman Mohed Altrad

Meaningful day in the trial concerning Bernard Laporte, Mohed Altrad, Serge Simon, Claude Atcher and Benoît Rover. Day heavy with consequences also if ever the court followed the requisitions of the prosecutors. Be that as it may, three years in prison, including a firm sentence, were required against the president of the French Rugby Federation (FFR) Bernard Laporte and the businessman Mohed Altrad, suspected of having forged a “corruption pact” in 2017. The defendants, who dispute the facts, “damaged the probity surrounding French rugby”, justified the financial prosecutor François-Xavier Dulin.

A firm therefore for the two defendants but also “a two-year ban on managing a commercial company and another two-year ban on exercising any function related to rugby, even on a voluntary basis”. The prosecutor requested that these prohibition sentences be accompanied by provisional enforcement. These were added to this a fine of 50,000 euros for Bernard Laporte and another of 200,000 for Mohed Altrad.

The “damage collateral» of these cases

With regard to what could be called the “collateral damage” of these cases, even if the prosecutors clearly explained throughout their indictment that everything was linked, Serge Simon, for an offense of illegal taking of interests, the prosecution requested one year in prison, including six months suspended, a fine of 10,000 euros as well as a one-year ban from any function, even voluntary, in connection with rugby, with there yet another provisional execution. Finally, with regard to the last defendants Claude Atcher and Benoît Rover, the public prosecutor requested one year in prison, six months of which was suspended, a three-year ban on managing a commercial company and a one-year ban on any function, even volunteer, in connection with rugby.

Faced with what is encouraged by the defendants, the defense lawyers will have a lot to do to restore the morale of these five people who are on the bench “of the accused” and have shown some disappointment at the severity of the sentences.

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