Rugby: first at home for Lectoure

For juniors and cadets, a departmental evaluation day will take place tomorrow with 8 invited clubs, in the form of a tournament of two groups of 4 teams. For the juniors, the meetings will take place in Fleurance, while the cadets will stay in Lectoure.

As for the seniors, they will play for the first time in this new championship at home and validated for the occasion the Bigourdans of Maubourguet. For team II, it will be necessary to reproduce the match of Vic during which the players knew how to show courage and solidarity which made it possible to snatch the draw. This young workforce has the means to hold its rank in this difficult pool.

Team One will face for its part a team which, if it has always been difficult to play in past seasons, also started its season with a resounding victory last Sunday. It will not be necessary to reproduce the approximations seen last weekend and not to return balloons to a formation which enjoys it.

To keep intact the ambitions nourished by the club, it is a question of not missing the boat, while the Lectourois workforce is in number and in quality this year. Due to the absence of a marquee and the mixed weather announced, there will be no pre-match meal.

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